I can sincerely say that even if your children don’t usually watch DVD’s this is one that you want to add to your carefully selected library!I was impressed with how … Read full blog post.

Mrs. Joseph Wood

I have some very good friends at Crowe’s Nest Media. Two of their DVDs are already favorites in our house. And now they have a third resource that grew from a need. Read full blog post.

Tricia, of the HodgePodge Blog

I was struck with the incredible detail of the monarch butterfly, the exquisite design. The beauty of the Creator’s plan. Just one example of His plan is the … Read full blog post.

Tricia, of The Curriculum Choice

My children and I had the privilege to review Your Backyard: The Life and Journey of the Amazing Monarch Butterfly.  In a nutshell:  I could not have been more impressed.  Read full blog post.

Mama's Learning

What sets this sign language DVD apart from others is that it gives glory to God. The Crowe family intentionally weaves the concept that God made …. Read full blog post.

Maureen, Spell Outloud Blog

The folks at Crowe’s Nest Media are a homeschooling family whose passion for nature study has led them to produce some extremely high-quality educational materials for …. Read full blog post.

Get Along Home Blog

I love this DVD! Okay, forget that I’m a nature nut–I’d love it anyway! Crowe’s Nest Media has put together a great resource for learning about 18 common wild birds …. Read full blog post.

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Even for families that have already studied monarchs and have raised them from caterpillars, you will learn so many awesome details that you …. Read full blog post.

Barb, Handbook of Nature Study

I highly recommend this video as an addition to your homeschool library and as terrific family viewing. Throughout the lessons on bird identification, children are reminded that each …. Read full blog post.

Heart of the Matter Online

Grace loved this DVD. She loved that it featured four kids, one of whom is named Grace. She loved the live footage of butterflies and caterpillars. She was captivated by Professor …. Read full blog post.

Tara, Feels Like Home

This newly released DVD is produced by a family for families.  We couldn’t wait to get our copy and hold a family viewing. A DVD “designed to glorify God ….” Read full blog post.

Tricia, The Curriculum Choice

The DVD is high-quality and presents the information in an interesting yet fun manner. All my children ages 3yrs. to 13yrs. enjoyed watching this video. I love that Crowe’s Nest media …. Read full blog post.

Spell Outloud Blog

I was right! Just like their original Your Backyard Feeder Bird DVD, the Monarch DVD is just as fun. I think my kids like it so much because the video is narrated by …. Read full blog post.

Erika, Confessions of a Homeschooler