Our Family

Crowe’s Nest Media is a homegrown venture desiring to glorify the Lord through the production of God-honoring, family-encouraging media.  We’re a simple, everyday sort-of-family with lots of bumps and bruises from lessons learned, who desire to love the Lord and live it out in our daily lives.

Through the years, the Lord has often surprised us with the ways in which He has called us to serve Him.  Filmmaking is one of them.

Producing DVDs is something we certainly never envisioned for our family.  In fact, the idea only just formed in early 2009 after attending the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival, where we saw other everyday, ordinary families, just like our own, working together to produce media that was God-honoring and beneficial.

We marveled at the talent possessed within those families and at how their ideas and a desire to love and serve the Lord could produce films that were glorifying!

While we may have gone to San Antonio as spectators, we left as future filmmakers.

From His provision of a MacBook Pro computer (an anonymous gift from friends at Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Canton, Ga.) and a high definition camera (a gift from sweet friends of ours from Georgia), to the expert technical help we received from our local Apple Store, the Lord truly “gave” us the tools needed to create media that will, prayerfully, honor him.  And, did God ever begin providing!

Continually, the Lord amazes us at His faithfulness.  He provides, and then provides again.

Crowe’s Nest Media is a true family endeavor.  As a family, we write, shoot, edit, narrate, color correct, and animate our films … from start to finish.  Each film is a labor of love and the Lord certainly grows us.

Thankfully, as our children have grown, the Lord has increased their skills.  Today, our children do the bulk of what you see when you watch a Crowe’s Nest Media production.  We’re incredibly proud of them.

From our family to yours, it’s our hope that you and your family will be blessed as you watch the films the Lord has allowed us to create, for His glory.

Family Photo